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The Canid Project is working on Issue 1 of its new periodical: Notes From The Field. We are looking for stories and photo essays that are focused on wild canids. They can cover wild canids' current issues, conservation, rehabilitation, medical care, research, or personal stories of the human-canid relationship.

*Those chosen to be in the pilot publication will be compensated by receiving a complimentary copy of the periodical and a choice of The Canid Project cap or T-shirt. As we build this program we strive to provide monetary compensation for future periodical contributors by attracting sponsors and donors with this pilot issue.  Should you be interested in helping us with this long-term effort that helps to support this educational initiative as well as the creatives that make it possible please email Amy. 

Published pieces will appear in the periodical as well as in any online entities.  

Submissions will be taken through June 2019.  The projected date of release is Fall 2019. 

THE CANID PROJECT contributors actively research and document human-canid relationships and both the positive and negative ramifications of these relationships.  The project's aim, as a global creative conversation, is to document and share the stories of humans and the wild canids who enter each other's lives in some capacity.  We actively present this information through our photography, creative non-fiction narrative, exhibits, talks, and community outreach to inspire and educate the public, as well as shed light on how these relationships shape our views on the wild canid species. If you would like to donate to this 501c3 non-profit to help further our efforts please visit the CONTRIBUTE page,  take one of our workshops, or visit our shop! Thank you! 

For questions or to submit email