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The Canid Project offers dynamic multimedia presentations on the canid species.  Because we are comprised of published and award-winning wildlife photographers who have worked extensively in the field with wild canids,  you can count on our presentations to be full of beautiful images and information to inspire and educate.  

Current Topics Offered:

  • Native Canid Species Of America
  • The Canid Species of The World
  • The Top 5 Most Endangered Canid Species
  • Coexisting With Urban Foxes and/or Coyotes
  • Why Apex And Mesopredators Are Important
  • Photographing Wild Canid Species

Our presentations can be booked for events and will be tailored to suit the institutions and general audience attending:  

  • Elementary and high school schools
  • Garden, Book, and Photography Clubs
  • Conventions
  • Community Events

If you are interested to set up a presentation please fill out the form to the right of this page! 

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