Sponsor A Fox In Our Care!


For the 2019 season we currently have four foxes in our care. Two are orphaned kits, who are 12 weeks old, as of April 25, 2019. These kits will remain in our care until August or September, and will have been in our care a total 6 months at the time of their release. The other two are adults who will be with us for long-term rehabilitation.

What does each fox costs The Canid Project a month for basic care?

When healthy orphaned foxes come in we first take them to the vet for a full checkup. This runs us about $100 per fox, on average. Below are the very basic recurring costs we see each month for foxes in our care, this is not counting cleaning products, toys, enrichment, crickets, pine shavings, enclosure maintenance.

  • Food for one fox which consists of frozen whole prey chicks and mice, chunked rabbit and turkey, chicken breasts and gizzards, various fruits and veggies, eggs, and high quality high protein dog food, costs an average of $7 a day, $49 a week, $196 a month.

  • Vaccinations we administer ourselves run about $10 per fox.

  • Monthly Heartworm and Flea preventation is $5 a fox.

So, it’s an average of $200 a month for each fox to cover food, heartworm/flea prevention and yearly vaccinations. We currently have four foxes in our care for the 2019 season, which means our monthly bill for these basic necessities for all four comes to $800.

How you can help by sponsoring a fox in our care:

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