There are many ways in which you can help The Canid Project, from monetary donations, to shopping our Amazon wish list, to volunteering.  We thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for any contributions; we could not do this without you.  

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Other Ways To Help


We go through a lot of frozen mice and chicks for the foxes.  It is super important that we add this as part of their diet because of the levels of calcium the whole animal, bones and all, provide.  It also gets them used to the smell, feel, and look of the wild rodents and birds they will find on their own in the wild, thus providing them with more for their skill set once they are released.  If you'd like to contribute, we order from  The foxes go through about 12 of each a day, which is roughly 336 mice and 336 chicks a month.  We order the packs of 25 of LARGE ADULT MICE and DAY OLD CHICKS.  Thank you! Please have them shipped to: The Canid Project ATTN: Amy Shutt, 7809 Jefferson Hwy, Suite G, Room 2, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 and email me the tracking info so I can be available to accept the perishable package:

Our Amazon Wish List is full of the things we need for our state-permitted Fox Rehabilitation program.  As we are just starting out, you will see quite a few things that are big one time purchases, but also many everyday items for the foxes in our care that we will need like food, gloves, medical items, fleece blankets etc.  We appreciate every item that is purchased and sent our way.  Please write a note when purchasing so we will know who to thank! 


Are you a rural land owner in Louisiana?  Open to speaking with us about using your land as a release site for our rehabilitated orphaned red and gray fox kits once they are ready for release?  If so, even if just to get more information, please click that 'Contact Us' button to the left and contact us today! 


Are you a hunter in the process of cleaning out your freezers or just want to contribute some of your kills to the foxes?  If so, please click that 'Contact Us' button to the left and contact us today! 

Volunteer Opportunities!

Do you want to make a difference for wild canids? Volunteers are essential to our success!

If you have the time, expertise, or talent that would benefit our small 501c3 nonprofit, please fill out an application. Not all positions require the candidate to live in the Baton Rouge, LA area, so please inquire if you live outside of our organization's city.

Join our team and become an integral part of The Canid Project! 

We are currently seeking volunteers to help us in the efforts below. Experience is fantastic, but not required!

  • Educational projects and data entry
  • Fundraising and sponsorship 
  • Program Directors
  • Enrichment programs for the foxes
  • Public relations, Marketing, and Advertising
  • Monthly Newsletter writing and maintance
  • Grant writing (experience required)
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting (experience required)

*Please note that the foxes in our care are only a small part of this organization. When we do have foxes in our rehabilitation program they are wild and will be released back into the wild. We limit human interaction with our foxes, and only a couple of our volunteers are trained in their care in a rehabilitation setting. There is no position currently available for fox care. As such, volunteers will not be handling the foxes or directly interacting with them in any way.

Please fill out the volunteer contact form below.  Thank you! 

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